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My interview with THE Cathy Cassidy!

Posted by on July 2, 2015

So, I know what you’re all thinking, ” when have I ever spoken to Cathy Cassidy?” Well, all answers are now revealed! Not only have I been speaking to her on social medias, but I have even met her in person! We are shining bright like a diamond, compared to all the other envious schools. As I am a loyal librarian, i met Cathy and asked her questions, here is what i asked:

“How do you plan your stories?” answer: “I don’t really plan my stories but most of my ideas for my stories came from day dreaming, and i would reccomend that way of thinking!”

“How do you think of so many great characters?” answer: “Most of my characters in the Chocolate Box Girls set is based on my perfect dream family!”

“How did you get the idea of writing The Chocolate Box Girls?” answer: “Sweet Honey was such a big hit, i decided to turn the table and write about a total different story!”

“What type of books did you used to read as a child?” answer: “I used to read adventure/camping books. Watership Down was my favorite book as a child as I went to 3 local libraries.”

Did you know that Cathy Cassidy, the world famous author, was a waitress and an artist before being a author???????



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