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Author Archives: avadistrict

About avadistrict

Hi. I heart books, and my favorite authors are;

David Williams;

Jacqueline Wilson;

J.K Rowling.

Check out my extremely fabulous book reviews! I’m #DistrictProud

My interview with THE Cathy Cassidy!

So, I know what you’re all thinking, ” when have I ever spoken to Cathy Cassidy?” Well, all answers are now revealed! Not only have I been speaking to her on social medias, but I have even met her in person! We are shining bright like a diamond, compared to all the other envious schools. … Continue reading »

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Cathy Cassidy Looking Glass Girl reading review!

I would recommend this book for ages 10 and up, as this fantastic novel has many mortifying mysteries. Once you pick this book up, it is almost impossible to put it down! This tale of adventure and endangerment is like a journey through life, there are many risks and hazards. Mysterious and hidden, mystical and … Continue reading »

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My speech using rhetoric…

In the summer, at the tender age of 22, my beloved friend was suddenly diagnosed with the dreadful news of having cancer. She determinedly refused to not let cancer win the battle. Tired and faint, angry and frustrated, she was all of these things and more. Imagine being diagnosed with a incurable dessease, imagine a … Continue reading »

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The Super Amazing Diary Of Me, Pig…

To be honest, I love this book because it is funny, yet interesting. Not only is this book funny, it is hilarious! As I was reading the tragic scenes of Pigs life, I could feel the emotions he was going through. There are two novels, of the book Pig, and consequently, I have read both! I would … Continue reading »

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The Top Secret Diary Of Davina Dupree… Book Review!

I really love this book because there are so many mysterious mystery’s. Honestly, I need to read more of these brilliant books, as I found it addictive… Davina is NOT looking forward to going to this snobby, posh boarding school for girls. If she didn’t know Arabella, any of this would of ever happened… In art, her best subject, Davina met … Continue reading »

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Dorkius Maximus book review.

I love this book, because it is funny, realistic, historical and loads more. At first I was grossed out, although I still loved it! Dorkius is a smart, intelligent boy. Sadly, his Father, the great lord of Rome, has no faith in his son. Eventually, there are two spy’s out to kill a chariot racer, Ceasar … Continue reading »

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The Jacqueline Wilson Christmas Cracker…

The Jacqueline Wilson Christmas Cracker is packed with brilliant Christmas stories, including a brand new tale from Jacqueline, and classic story of Tracy Beaker, in witch achieves the main role in A Christmas Carol. There are festive puzzles, tasty recipes, perfect present tips, and fun Christmas facts. I love the way the author opened the door to thousands of sentence … Continue reading »

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Diamond Book Review.

Diamond was a fragile girl; She was not very tough. Why you ask? She was sold from her father for only five Guinness. [This was set in the olden days.] Before she was sold to the circus, she was called Ellen-Jane and lived a happy life, although her father went into the alehouse to much. Because Diamond didn’t have any money, she had to preform acrobatics at the … Continue reading »

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What?when?why?how? All is revealed… #DistrictFeaturedAuthor

What did you just say? There is another competition going on right now? Oh my gosh. Its the one subject i love… Football! Basically, you have to do a mini biography, or a newspaper it could even been a football match that you have been to yourself. I have done Ronaldo. Have you entered yet? I had so … Continue reading »

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Diary of a wimpy kid; The long haul

I now love Diary of a wimpy kid books and especially the new Long Haul. I cant believe that they haven’t made sequels! What I love the most, is the exiting mysteries. Such as; The run away pig; Gregory gets bitten; and last but not least, Manny falls in love with the pig! There is so much buzz that, we are even in a … Continue reading »

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